Over the past three decades Natalie Zoe has expanded her repertoire of talents over many musical genres....from acoustic singer songwriter, to electric-guitar slinging rocker, to jazz singer, to singing with "The Gospel According To Austin".

She's had several styles—blues, funk—and she's even had a turn at country (singing background vocals with David Allen Coe and The Lost Gonzo Band). She's been flavored and colored by all this great music....and evolved a unique and sparkling distillation of it that she's now performing and recording.

Natalie's growing list of accomplishments include singing background vocals for Don Henley (1993-1994), as well as opening for and/or singing background vocals with such varied artists as Warren Zevon, Lucinda Williams, Muddy Waters, Taj Mahal, Storyville, Malford Milligan....and on and on...

Natalie has won several local music awards in her hometown of Austin, Texas, including "Best Solo Performer" (1977) and "Best Tape" (1993), as well as being voted into numerous other categories including "Best Song" and "Best Single" for "Fountain of Tears" (1996) and "Never Too Old To Swing" (1999).